Bale spikes

SAMI spikes are designed for lifting and transporting hay and straw bales and silage packs. Their construction is reinforced with special strips of metal behind the attachment hooks. Spikes are made of special steel.

Three adjacent special steel spikes of the hay pack spike keep the packs firmly in place.

Two different size spikes of the bale spike ensure stable handling of the hay, silage or straw bales and the bales do not fall apart.

ModelProduct codeNumber of spikesWeightLengthWidthHeight
Hey spike EURO259.0003 tk x 1100 mm65 kg1151 mm1134 mm600 mm
Hey spike SMS258.0003 tk x 1100 mm71 kg1180 mm 1134 mm600 mm
Bale spike EURO243.0002 tk x 1100 / 680 mm63 kg1223 mm1186 mm566 mm
Bale spike SMS241.0002 tk x 1100 / 680 mm49 kg1193 mm730 mm556 mm
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