Bucket sweepers

The bucket sweeper allows sweeping and collecting any type of particles, especially bulk materials used in winter (sand, screenings). Using water does not create dust clouds in the working area. The bucket can be emptied easily into a waste container. SAMI bucket sweeper is designed for use on roads, parking lots and other hard surface squares.

Its partially plastic body makes the device light and less noisy. Compared to other similar products SAMI bucket is relatively light despite its large capacity. The device contains wear-resistant plastic materials.

Brushes are reliable and wear down slowly. They are easy to replace. The height of the brushes can be adjusted according their wear by using mechanical limiters. HARDOX blade of the bucket as well as metal wheels and the of couplings are easily replaceable. There is a wide choice of couplings available.

The sweeper follows the road surface closely due to the floating attachment of the frame which ensures best results when sweeping dust.

ModelWorking widthWidthBrushesBucket volumeWeight*Oil flowPressureTractor power**Tractor weight**Fastenings
K18001765 mm1943 mmd=700 mm940 l439 kg20 l/min160-190 bar80-120 hp3,5-5,5 tEURO, SMS etc
K20001965 mm2143 mmd=900 mm1736 l615 kg40 l/min170-200 bar100-160 hp4,5-7 tEURO, SMS, SBM,
Zettelmeyer etc
*Weight is given without water system and fastening.

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