Diagonal blades

Diagonal blades are designed for removing snow from roads. Blade is coupled to the front of a tractor.

The 32 degree angle of the blade ensures good snow ejection. Strong construction ensures smooth work even at higher speeds. Turning angle is +/-38 degrees. The mouldboard has a suspension spring for protection when hitting and obstacle. The working angle of the mouldboard is adjustable.

The plough is equipped with reflectors, special wear-resistant steel double sided working blades and support skis. Bruxite support skis prevent the plough from digging too deep into the snow. Working blades have a rigid attachment.

Attachment of the blade can be easily replaced, if required.

ModelWorking widthWorking heightWidthHeightMouldboard angleWeightFastening
DM-32003233 mm741-1223 mm3336 mm1280 mm27,3-35,4 degrees739 kg +fasteningSMS, EURO,
DM-36003662 mm739-1281 mm3764 mm1338 mm27,3-35,4 degrees836 kg +fasteningSMS, EURO,


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