Front blades for forklifts

The forklift front blade is suitable for clearing snow on storage site and company’s territory. By using this blade you can save both time and money. The construction is simple and it is easy to use. A company that has a forklift and uses this blade does not require expensive snow removal machines or buy snow removal service.

The blade has mechanically adjustable working positions (right, left and straight). The device is equipped with wear-resistant steel working blade. Rubber blade is available as an option.
Available with two working widths: 2000 mm and 2500 mm. 2000 mm blade is without side wings and 2500 mm blade is equipped with 2 x 250 mm side wings. (When the side wings are removed, it has also 2000 mm working width.) The side wings can be rearranged by placing them in-line with the blade or at an angle to facilitate snow collecting.

For installing the blade to the lifting forks the forklift must be driven forks first into the mounting holes of the front blade and the blade must be fastened to the forks with bolts. Maximum cross-section of the lifting forks is 70 mm x 160 mm.

ModelWorking widthMouldboard heightWeightForklift weightSide wingsSide wing angle
2000FL2000 mm525 mm160 kgmax 4,5 tnot in set-
2500FL2500 mm525 mm190 kgmax 4,5 tin set20 degrees
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