Front buckets

SAMI front and planning buckets with different working widths are durable and comfortable.

Front bucket is suitable for transporting grain, peat, hay, seeds, wood chips, snow and other light weight materials.

It has a strong steel front edge (15 x 150 mm, S355), rear edge ribs (8 x 80 mm, S235) and reinforcements at the attachment hooks. Bottom and rear ribs of the bucket make it a versatile and suitable tool for various tasks. The front bucket can be attached to SMS or EURO coupling.

Buckets with dimensions 1200-1600 allow lifting heavier materials. Larger buckets are designed for handling lighter materials. For handling soil, ice, sand, crushed stone and other similar materials use a planning bucket.

ModelVolumeWeightEURO product codeSMS poduct code
Front bucket 1200 460 l130 kg600.505120600.506120
Front bucket 1400 530 l144 kg600.505140600.506140
Front bucket 1600 610 l159 kg600.505160600.506160
Front bucket 1800 1010 l213 kg600.505180600.506180
Front bucket 2000 1120 l230 kg600.505200600.506200
Front bucket 2200 1240 l248 kg600.505220600.506220
Front bucket 2400 1350 l308 kg600.505240600.506240
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