Sweepers on wheels

SAMI trademark sweepers on wheels are simple and durable tools for sweeping sand, dust, screenings etc. from roads. These sweepers are also ideal for cleaning construction sites after work is completed.

The sweeper is light since the durable metal frame and brushes are protected by a wear-resistant plastic covered. The sweeper can be attached to the front and rear coupling of a tractor. Working height of the sweeper is adjustable according to their wear. Brushes wear down slowly and they are easy to replace. Turn angle of sweeper is +/- 28 degrees.

Frame of the sweeper is flexible and therefore crossing obstacles (e.g. rocks) at a reasonable driving speed is easy. The flexible frame acts as a shock absorber.

The sweeper is turned with a hydraulic cylinder and the device includes hydraulic motor (HW2700 2 hydraulic motors) and 4 1/2” hydraulic lines with quick connections.

Sweepers can be equipped with water system “TS” which include: hoses, sprinklers, cable and pump. It is possible to buy 3 point linkage water tank carrier and tank separately.

ModelWorking widthWidth / when turnedBrush diameterOli flowPressureWeightBasic fastenings
HW1700 1700 mm1892 / 2111 mm700 mm30 l/min170-200 bar302 kgEURO, SMS, 3P
HW20001983 mm2192 / 2375 mm 700 mm30 l/min170-200 bar308 kgEURO, SMS, 3P
HW22002203 mm2407 / 2733 mm900 mm30 l/min170-200 bar325 kgEURO, SMS, 3P
HW27002687 mm2865 / 3141 mm900 mm50 l/min170-200 bar348 kgEURO, SMS, 3P

Additional equipment

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