Hydraulic turf brush

The turf sweeper is meant for taking care of artificial grass. It can be used when taking care of football fields as well as of other similar areas.

The device is simple and easy to use. Brushes are durable and last for a long time. Its weight suits well to most grass types and as the result the grass filling is well levelled and blades of grass are in upright position. Rakes give even better result. It is also possible to add additional diagonal brushes.

Middle part of the brush is ca 2 m wide. Side wings are ca 1 m wide. It is easy to lift the wings by the help of hydraulic cylinders. Then wings are lifted up, it is easy to enter through gates of the arenas.

ModelMeasuresTransport widthBrush widthCouplingWeight with add. equipment
TBH40004163/903/790 mm2596 mmca 100 mm3P245 kg

Additional equipment

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