Professional series (VB) ploughs are designed for clearing larger territories and roads and coupled to the front of a tractor.

In addition to the regular floating joint between the plough and the frame the professional plough is equipped with shock absorbers that ensure great up and down movement of the plough with regard to the frame (movement +/- 5 degrees). This ensures perfect following of the terrain.

When hitting an obstacle the suspension springs engage allowing the blades to move back in order to protect the plough and the tractor (back movement 45 degrees). Springs are attached to a reinforced beam. V-plough is equipped with double-sided wear-resistant blades and support skis (500 Brinell). Support legs have safety bolts that brake when hitting an insurmountable obstacle. This solution protects the plough and support legs and as a result of the impact only safety bolt needs to be replaced not the support leg.

V-plough includes a storage tank and a safety valve as standard equipment that protect the plough when driving on an obstacle. Standard equipment also includes LED-lights.

Movement of the mouldboards (+/-35 degrees) is controlled from the tractor’s cab with an electrical control panel 24 V (or 12 V on reguest). Mouldboards can be moved together as well as separately.

ModelFasteningsMax. working widthMin. working widthWorking angleWing's heightWeight ca
VB-32003P, SBM3220 mm2990 mm+/- 35 degrees1100 mm1155 kg
VB-37003P, SBM3770 mm3010 mm+/- 35 degrees1100 mm1205 kg
VB-40003P, SBM4100 mm3270 mm+/- 35 degrees1100 mm1295 kg

Basic equipment


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