Self-loading sand spreaders

SL series (self loading) sand spreaders can be loaded directly from the sand pile. Both loading and spreading are operated hydraulically.

  • The SLS series sand spreaders are small and functional, and can be linked to a small tractor.
  • The SL series sand spreaders are suitable for private land owners as well as road maintenance providers.
  • The capacious sand spreaders of the SLH series are suitable for daily use by road maintenance providers.

Spreading speed can be adjusted with a hydraulic valve upon adjusting the speed of the roll. Mixing shaft is standard equipment for these types of sand spreaders. Dosing the right amount ensures anti-slip result at lower material consumption.  Distribution shaft plates made of wear-resistant HARDOX steel guarantee the long working life of the sand spreader. 
The upper edge of the housing is reinforced with two layers of sheet steel, which guarantees the wear-resistance and reliability of the loading opening for years. A safety net prevents larger stones, branches etc. from entering the equipment.


ModelWorking widthVolumeWeight SMS/EUROOil flowLength/width/heightFastening
SLS-10001000 mm200 l165 kg20-40 l/min935/1163/682 mm3P
SLS-12501250 mm250 l197 kg20-40 l/min935/1418/682 mm3P
SL-15001500 mm640 l300/305 kg30-60 l/min1046/1673/951 mm 3P/SMS, 3P/EURO
SL-20002000 mm850 l370/375 kg30-60 l/min1043/2173/948 mm3P/SMS, 3P/EURO
SL-23002300 mm1000 l415/420 kg30-60 l/min1042/2473/948 mm3P/SMS, 3P/EURO
SLH-20002000 mm1450 l485 (+fastening) kg30-60 l/min1176/2210/1255 mm3P, Kramer, EURO,
Zettelmeyer, SBM
SLH-23002350 mm1680 l 545 (+fastening) kg30-60 l/min1129/2560/1194 mm3P, Kramer, EURO,
Zettelmeyer, SBM
*SL and SLH 3-point fastening is for cat 2, SLS 3-point fastening is for cat 0 and 1.

Accessiories for SLS type

Accessiories for SL and SLH sand spreaders

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