Skidding grapples

Skidding grapples are designed for gathering and transporting timber out of the woods. Skidding grapple is attached to the tractor’s three-point linkage. Slewing angle of the grapple is variable mechanically or hydraulically (cylinder is available as an option). Strong and reliable design guarantees long service life of the attachment. The powerful double action cylinder provides a strong grip and the rack assembly on the skidding grapple frame secures the logs firmly between the jaws.

Selection includes a skidding grapple with a winch PHV-200 and without a winch PH-200.

Winch of the skidding grapple is equipped with a towing hitch and a 30 m wire rope. It is powered by a hydraulic motor controlled from the tractor’s cab. The wire rope can be reeled off manually, if the control lever of the corresponding hydraulic output of the tractor is in neutral. To reel the rope in, the control lever of the winch must be moved into operating position.

Pulling power of the winch is 1000 kg, reeling speed 1.8 m/s, length of the wire rope 30 m (diameter 8 mm).

PH-200 model can be equipped with a winch as an option (sold separately).

ModelProduct codeGrabbing widthTurning anglePressureWeightLength/width/height
PH-200213.0001900 mm+/- 45 degrees160 bar260 kg1405/1500/1132 mm
PHV-200213.01.0001900 mm+/- 45 degrees160 bar340 kg1500/1500/1132 mm


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