Snow buckets with wings

SAMI’s snow bucket with wings is designed for collecting snow from large territories and snowy streets. The bucket with wings allows dumping snow directly in the back of a lorry. In extreme conditions with lot of snow the bucket with wings is the best device for quick snow removal. Since the side wings are retractable the device is also suitable for performing complex tasks such as removing snow between cars on a parking lot. Strong hydraulic side wings are operated individually.

The bucket with wings has easily replaceable couplings and therefore it is suitable for most popular front loaders.

When hitting an obstacle, the included accumulator protects the bucket and tractor from damages by ensuring that the wings return to their starting position. The wings of 1800, 2000 and 2300 buckets include reflectors for safer operation.

All the models can be equipped with the Olofsfors double blade system. 2600 model includes double smooth blades as standard equipment and perforated blades are available as an option. 1800, 2000 and 2300 standard models can be equipped with perforated or smooth blades as an option.

ModelWorking widthWing widthBucket widthHightVolumeTractorWeight
18001920-3054 mm639 mm1776 mm832 mm795 l40-100 hp437 kg
20002120-3490 mm765 mm1960 mm951 mm1295 l 40-100 hp641 kg
23002400-3770 mm765 mm2240 mm1056 mm1950 l60-120 hp786 kg
26003000-4540 mm927 mm2686 mm1320 mm3500 l100-225 hp1050 kg
*Weight is given with basic equipment without fastening.


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