Salt spreaders

The ST-series PTO models are specially intended for spreading salt onto snowy and icy roads. To prevent corrosion caused by salt, the details of the equipment are hot-dip galvanized and fasteners are made of acid-resistant steel. The service life of this spreader is two to three times longer compared to a spreader with a regular paint coat.

A distribution shaft rotating at the right speed guarantees the optimal quantity of salt. The perfect speed of PTO driven salt spreader is achieved by means of a carefully selected speed reducer and the transmission mechanism. A special rubber strip protects the distribution shaft against water splashing from the wheels of the tractor. A universal-joint transmission shaft is included in the standard equipment.

Spreader can also be emptied from beneath – between the distribution shaft and rubber by releasing spring plate levers on the sides. That way it is possible to remove icy and stuck pieces from the equipment.

A safety net prevents foreign bodies from entering the working area of the shafts. A mixing shaft crushes bigger pieces of bulk material that have stuck together.

ModelWorking widthVolume (+extension)Weight (+extension)Length/width/heightFastening
ST-1000 PTO Zn1000 mm190 (+148) l126 (+25) kg815/1166/630 mm3P (cat 0 ja 1)
ST-1000 Zn1000 mm190 (+148) l116 (+25) kg815/1166/630 mm3P (cat 0 ja 1)
ST-1250 PTO Zn1250 mm240 (+186) l145 (+29) kg815/1420/630 mm3P (cat 0 ja 1)
ST-1250 Zn1250 mm240 (+186) l133 (+29) kg815/1420/630 mm3P (cat 0 ja 1)


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