Top-loading sand spreaders

ST series sand spreaders are top-loading type. Loading can be performed manually or by using a special loading device. Hydraulic system is connected with two 1/2″ quick connections.  By using an additional extension, it is possible to increase the volume of the spreader and sand a longer section of road with one loading.

The spreading amount of sand can be adjusted by regulating the rotational speed. The right amount of sand ensures anti-slip surface with optimal material consumption. Maximum oil pressure is 175 bar.

Distribution shaft plates are made of wear-resistant HARDOX steel. ST-1000, ST-1250 and ST-1500 sand spreaders include a safety net as standard equipment. Two smaller spreaders can be discharged by releasing the rubber strip across the roll with the lever on the side of the machine.

  • ST-1000 and ST-1250 models are intended for sanding city streets using a small tractor.
  • The ST-1500 spreaders are specially intended for utility equipment. The bolt on couplings of this model can be easily changed.
  • The ST-2000 sand spreaders are easy-to-use and suitable for private land owners as well as service providers.
ModelWorking widthVolume (+extension)Weight (+extension)Width/length/height Fastening
ST-10001000 mm190 (+148) l116 (+25) kg745/1145/630 mm3P (cat. 0 and 1)
ST-12501250 mm240 (+186) l133 (+29) kg815/1420/630 mm3P (cat. 0 and 1)
ST-15001500 mm650 (+360) l252 (+48) kg850/1660/940 mm EURO, SMS,
3P, Kunta 500
ST-20002000 mm800 (+450) l277 (+58) kg770/2150/920 mm3P
*ST-1000 and 1250 3-point hitch is for cat 0 and 1. ST-1500 and 2000 3-point hitch is for cat 2.


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