Artificial turf plough

Maintained artificial grass fields are used throughout the year. In order to facilitate maintenance works SAMI has launched a special snow plough for artificial grass fields. The plough can be attached to different types of tractors and used for maintaining multiple fields in the same area because the coupled plough can be driven on the street as well.

Artuficial turf plough has 360 degree turning wheels and rubber blade, which do not bend back during work. It is easy to change blade when it wears off during time. The wheels keep the plough blade at the required working height and prevent cutting into the lawn.

The plough is a suitable addition to the main equipment selection of service providers as well as the maintenance team of a field.

ModelWorking widthTransport widthVolume without fasteningQuick couplings 1/2'Fastening
TSP40004021 mm2674 mm313 kg2 pcA-frame or 3P
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