V-ploughs are designed for removing snow from roads and fields. The construction of the plough allows the blade to follow the terrain better since the V-plough can move smoothly up and down with regard to the attachment frame (movement +/- 5 degrees).

The working blades have a suspension springs that protect the blade and mouldboard when hitting an obstacle. The blades move back and slide over smaller obstacles (movement 35 degrees). Blades are made of special Olofsfors steel (500 Brinell). Support skis come as standard equipment. These are made of the Bruxite steel and equipped with safety bolts.

The plough is operated from the cab. Electrical control comes as standard equipment. The system is powered from a 12 V power supply. As an option or as a special order the plough can be equipped with a 24 V power supply. Standard equipment includes pressure-safety valve, shock absorber and LED lights.

ModelFasteningsMax. working width Min. working widthWorking angleWing's heightWeight ca
VM-20003P, EURO, SMS2115 mm1750 mm+/- 35 degrees883 mm530 kg
VM-24003P, EURO, SMS2456 mm2010 mm+/- 35 degrees962 mm570 kg
VM-28003P, EURO, SMS, SBM2880 mm2360 mm+/- 35 degrees962mm630 kg
VM-32003P, EURO, SMS, SBM3280 mm2690 mm+/- 35 degrees962mm670 kg

Basic equipment


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