SAMI winch for front loader is a handy tool for hauling logs and other items from places that you cannot access with machines.

Winch is equipped with a towing hitch and a 30 m wire rope. It is powered by a hydraulic motor controlled from the tractor’s cab. The wire rope can be reeled off the wire drum manually, if the control lever of the corresponding hydraulic output of the tractor is in neutral. To reel the rope in, the control lever of the hydraulics must be moved into operating position. The winch is equipped with a safety net to ensure operator’s safety in case the cable snaps.

SAMI winch is attached to the tractor’s front loader using SMS or EURO coupling.

ModelPulling powerPulling speedLength of ropeDiameter of ropeWeightWidth/depth/height
Winch1000 kg1,8 m/s30 m8 mmca 110 kg1175/576/1300 mm
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